What our pupils tell us about their experience of school

Reception pupils

There are so many fun things to do at St Luke’s. I like reading with my teacher.

My teacher is smart. She knows what to teach me and how to help me write my numbers.

Year 1 pupils

I like talking to God during Christian meditation. I feel calm.

I like praying in class. It makes me happy as God can answer my questions.

I like the way my teacher shows me what to do in math’s. She models the questions on the board before we do them in our books

Year 2 pupils

I enjoyed coming to the school hub when school was closed because I could see my friends in real life but also I was taught by my teacher 3 times a day on Zoom.

Our Zoom lessons during the time school was closed was great. I could still do lots of my learning as my teacher was teaching me on Zoom. It was like coming to school but not coming to school.

Year 3 pupil

I like Christian meditation because it is like a moment of silence and you are in your own space.

Year 4 pupil

I feel safe at St Luke’s. My teachers are kind. They like listening to my good news and also help me if I am worried.

Year 6 pupils

I feel responsible being in year 6. We are chosen to help lead church services and Miss is helping us prepare for secondary school.

Year 4 pupil

I feel safe in school.  I love it when the teachers make me laugh.

Year 3 pupil

I know that I am in a safe and secure place.

Year 4 pupil

My friends always comfort me when I am upset

Year 5 pupil

I like that in school we can talk to God about our worries when we pray and do reflection in assembly.

Year 2 pupil

We can have time to talk to God and say thank you for all the lovely things he’s done for us.

Year 2 pupil

I am happy because I come to this school and we learn lots of things and we have movie night

Year 1 pupil

My best friends at school help me if I’m sad and look after me.​

Year 1 pupil

When someone is being silly and I think about joining in. The teacher tells them to stop and I don't join in because it's not a good choice.

Year 3 pupil

We should live as Jesus did and should help people and should forgive people who hurt us. 

How we remember things: Retrieval Practice

Retrieval practice is when we practice last week’s work. The work from the back of our brain goes to the front and this makes you remember more.

Year 2

We are doing retrieval practice. It’s when you go back to the stuff that you did. It helps keep it in our minds.

Year 4

We are recapping our learning so that it stays in our brains!


Year 6